The PhD Experience Conference

I saw this CFP I saw on H-Net (Humanities and Social Sciences Online) for a “PhD Experience Conference” (in the UK) organized by PhD students from multiple disciplines for other new and prospective PhDs:

The University of Hull’s Graduate School is holding a three day conference for current, prospective and post-doctoral researchers, academics and professionals to explore all aspects of the PhD process. The conference will provide a stimulating environment for delegates to develop their understanding of the PhD process by sharing in the experiences of others.

The conference will contain themed sessions including: Being a balanced researcher; Networking: Reflection; The transition from student to supervisor; The research process; The writing process and publishing as you go; Research perspectives; The Viva Voce and using your doctorate beyond academia.


  • PhD students
  • Prospective PhD students
  • Professional doctoral students e.g. EdD, Masters of Research students




  • To provide insight into the PhD process.
  • To provide a relaxed and friendly forum for attendees to share experiences and gain confidence within the research process.
  • To bring together interdisciplinary and experiential knowledge to promote collective learning.
  • To provide an opportunity to network with colleagues and peers and to widen and strengthen professional relationships.

Admittedly, I have no knowledge about graduate study or academic jobs in the UK, but the mention of post-academic career options definitely caught my eye. It also seems like an interesting model of professionalization, an each-one-teach-one opportunity for support, networking, and commiseration.


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